What to pack for a Farm Getaway…

By: Laura Parente-Comsa

a woman packing her luggage

So, you booked your stay and are ready to experience your farm getaway. Maybe you booked it yesterday…maybe you booked it weeks ago. Regardless, it’s finally here! You pull out your suitcase, throw open your closet and….what do you pack? What do you bring for a vacation to a farm?

Well, you are in the right place. Here are 5 tips on what to pack.

1. Mud Boots

Bring old boots (aka “mud boots). If you do not have old boots, old sneakers will work, but the higher profile of a boot make them more suitable for the barn. This is essential if you plan to walk the pastures, especially the area directly behind the barn. Even without rain, this area can be muddy.

When walking the pastures, you will encounter horse poop. Now relax…Don’t act grossed out or shocked. It’s a horse farm and well, they need to go to the bathroom, too. Horse manure really isn’t as gross as it sounds, but you certainly do not want to be walking around it in flip flops or fancy shoes.

2. “Ok to Get Dirty” & Seasonal Clothing

Ok to get dirty clothes are something you will want to have if you plan to interact with the animals. Clothes that can get dusty/dirty will allow you to comfortably enjoy all those horse and goat hugs without stressing…especially if you plan to help with grooming.

Since many of the farm fun takes place in the barn and outdoors, it’s a great idea to back seasonal clothing with options to remove/add layers. This is especially true if you are traveling in late winter/spring. The weather can be warm one day and cold the next. We always suggest jackets, sweatshirts and tee shirts.

Our fitness center is now open, so if you love a good daily workout, don’t forget your workout attire and shoes.

3. Bug Spray

This is important if you are coming during the warmer months. A spray will keep flies away as you explore and enjoy all the outdoor amenities. Natural sprays and essential oils work very well.

4. Fishing Pole

If you plan to do fishing, don’t forget your lucky pole!

5. A Few Kitchen Items…

If you are staying in our Rose & Lavender Suites, you will have a full kitchen, and may be planning to do some cooking. We stocked the kitchen with plates, pots, pans, glasses and flatware. However, we do not stock the pantry and fridge (except with our fresh eggs and cream). If you plan to do some cooking, you will want to bring spices, oils, butter, etc… There are grocery stores nearby.

Our Sunflower Suite does not have a kitchen. Mugs and wine glasses are provided, but guests staying in this suite may wish to bring disposable plates, flatware and bowls for snacks. Disposable items work best in Sunflower because there is not a large kitchen sink. There is a grill located right outside your suite, and very useful in the warmer months! If you plan to BBQ, don’t forget items like spices and foil.

We want you to have the best time possible while visiting our farm. We hope this list helps you pack. If you have any questions about anything else you may need to bring, please contact us.

‘We can’t wait to have you!

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