Meet our special family members. We love being able to share them with guests*. They are sure to be the best part of your stay.

Meet our horses: Lady DeVille, Bubba B and Vanilla Beans.

Lady DeVille aka Lady Bird is our Queen B. Lady is a retired race horse that sustained a significant injury in 2017. She was rehabilitated by the National Thoroughbred Wellness Organization and we adopted her in 2020. Lady’s pedigree includes legendary racehorse Secretariat. She is fast as lightning and can often be a bit moody, but she is an amazing leader and extremely professional. Her beauty is simply stunning.

Bubba B is a favorite among all guests. More of a puppy than a horse, this sweet boy will follow you around and give plenty of kisses. Originally bred to race, Bubba B was born in 2018 with an ankle defect that prevented him from ever entering the racing world. He is absolutely precious and sure to steal your heart.

Vanilla Beans (aka Beans) is a retired rodeo star. A champion ex-roper and barrel racer, Beans now enjoys the quiet life on the ranch. Always a gentleman, he is extremely polite, and a guest favorite for evening grooming.

Our goats, Ginger and Cinnamon are full of personality. They are true sisters and were both adopted in 2020. They are both total divas. If these girls could, they would spend the day sipping Chardonnay in a hot tub. Guests in our Lavender Suite can enjoy watching their antics from a window within the suite.

Who likes eggs? We have 20 hens. These lively girls are a lot of fun and always a hit with guests.

Last but not least, no home or farm is complete without a dog. We currently have 4 sweet pups. Meet Napa, Vino, Champagne (“Champ”) and Rue. Guests will often see the dogs running around the farm. Champ, our biggest and youngest dog, loves everyone he meets and will excitedly welcome you. Don’t be surprised if the little ones try and sit on your lap while you are relaxing outside.

*We allow all of our animals to live a very natural life. To do this, we do not leave them locked up, on display. Rather, we invite guests to participate in their daily routines and see them in their natural environment. Though our animals follow a daily routine, there are times this routine is adjusted for weather or appointments. We try our best to let guest interact with them, however on rare occasions, they can be stubborn.

Horse grooming:

Grooming takes place daily. During the warm months, grooming takes place in the afternoon. During the cooler months , grooming is at night. This is a wonderful activity and we hope you will participate. However, on rare occasions the horses will not be groomed if there are sudden changes to weather or appointments disrupting their schedule. April reservations: We cannot guarantee grooming during this month, as spring grass begins to sprout. Barn time will be limited and the horses will begin transitioning to their summer turnout schedule.

Photos are always permitted, but please remain alert.