Guest Amenities & Entertainment

The Loft is located in the upstairs area of the barn. This area was once used for hay storage. It has been completely renovated and serves as entertainment for guests.

Upon entering the Loft, guests will be greeted by our Slipper Bar. Get cozy and slip into oversized, fuzzy horse themed sleepers. This area also contains an old fashion popcorn machine for guests to use.

What better place to enjoy your popcorn than our Barn Theater! Guests can choose from over 200 DVDs located in the Theater. The stadium seating let’s guests comfortably recline while enjoying their chosen flick.

You may be on vacation, but don’t forget about personal wellness. The Loft has a fitness center and a separate sauna. The infrared sauna offers color therapy and detoxification. It’s a wonderful way to relax tired muscles, (after your workout) as well as your mind. The fitness center and sauna are for adult guests only.

Last we have our Horseman’s Billiards Club. Shoot a round of pool and enjoy the racing memorabilia from our horse, Lady, when she was racing.

We are thrilled to offer our Loft area for guest use during their stay. We hope you enjoy all it has to offer, and that it makes your time with us special.

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