The Trees of Nicura Ranch…Holidays 2022

It’s hard to believe, but it is that time of year again…decor decor decor galore. We spare no corner, here on the farm. Though the rafters are lit up and the garland is hung. The true show stoppers are the trees. When all is said and done, we will have 16 decorated trees. Each tree is unique. Each one has been decorated with a story to capture the space it is in.

Throughout the season, I will be picking a few of our trees and showcasing them in our blog.

We hope you enjoy…and perhaps get a few ideas for your home.

The Barn Tree…

The barn tree is the tallest tree I have ever decorated. There is a reason large, tall trees do not have much decorations. There is a reason why these trees are simply “lit.”

At 12 ft tall, decorating this was a challenge. It was worth every near death moment and circus-ladder maneuver. In the end, my greatest challenge is also the prettiest trees I’ve ever done.

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, we decided to deck this tree in red roses. The Derby is a tradition here in Kentucky, but for us, we choose to symbolize it not because of the race itself, but because of the horse it celebrates: The Thoroughbred.

There are few things more beautiful than watching a Thoroughbred run. The grace and power will captivate anyone who sees it. When you see it, you know you are witnessing living art. It is truly a privilege to watch.

The Thoroughbred is a passionate horse. It is said that once they trust and love you, they will love deeper than anything on Earth. Passion, Classic, Beauty…these traits are also captured in a red rose.

The roses cascade down the tree, like a waterfall. Among the roses are shimmering gold ornaments highlighted by warm lights.

The grand decor and size of the tree make it the perfect for what is the heart of our home…our barn.

The barn tree at Nicura Ranch

The Breakfast Nook Tree…

This tree happens to be my favorite, this year. It sits, 8 ft tall, in the main house’s Breakfast Nook. The breakfast nook is very used in our house. During the colder months, both breakfast and lunch are here….and it is also where we sit after evening barn time and have ice cream and coffee (yes, we do ice cream every night). The room is mostly wood with white accents from displayed china and the sitting booth itself, is white. The room is lined with windows offering bright natural light and gorgeous views of the pond and farm.

For this tree, I choose to keep the natural elements by using burlap ribbon, flowers, and pinecones. For the ribbon, I draped it throughout the tree, with not much of a plan. I weaved it forward and back, to give it a pillow-look.

The ornaments are shades of white. Against the green of the tree, it almost looks like snow. I added a few doves, again to add more nature to the tree.

And then there is my favorite accents…I wanted to add a farmhouse dining/kitchen feel to the tree. I wasn’t sure how this would work out, but I decided to put a few miniature cream pitchers and spoons on the tree. I hung them like ornaments and positioned the creamers to appear to be in a pouring motion. SUCCESS! I loved the look this provided. It was the perfect accent the tree needed.

Not only is it natural and rustic, but it compliments the room it is in. Coffee, breakfast and a tree full of creamers!

Let me know what unique things you have used to decorate a Christmas tree…I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Joanne Siedlecki Avatar
    Joanne Siedlecki

    Love that unique decor on that tree providing the perfect accent for that area ❤️👏

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