It’s been awhile since my last post, but life has been a bit busy on the ranch. I started a new job, finished remodeling the barn, and got 2 goats. Yes, our farm family is growing!

I have known for awhile what I wanted my next post to be about though: our bedroom. Through all the craziness lately, it has become one of my favorite spots…my mom always said going to bed is “the best part of the day.”

Oddly, our bedroom is extremely plain and simple. It is this simplicity, though, that makes it the sanctuary that it is. As an elementary school teacher I often see classrooms that look like a crayon factory exploded. This over-decorated space creates a very distracting atmosphere. Your brain jumps from wall to wall; completely distracting and overstimulated. Isn’t it odd that many people also decorate their bedrooms this same way?

The bedroom is suppose to be the most relaxing place in the house, yet we decorate every corner, fill it with pictures, loud bedspreads, and of course a giant TV.

I knew I wanted a simple space. I wanted whites and plain patterns, natural elements and minimal decor.

Well….mission accomplished!

I will start with my favorite thing: our headboard. Nick built our headboard, and he actually built it in Florida. We transported it all the way to the farmhouse…certainly not an easy task. We originally saw the headboard online. It was perfect…rustic and simple. Oh, and $2500.

Not. Happening.

We went to the lumber store and bought about $100 worth of cedar. A week later, we had our headboard.

It came out perfect! We included built-in end tables, outlets and lights. It came out even better than the one we saw for $2500. It’s very natural, with the cedar wood, and the lights work perfectly to create a soft relaxing vibe. An added bonus is the cedar smells beautiful!

To compliment the headboard, we went with all white bedding. The comforter and pillow shams are cinched, which gives it a cloud-like look (aka, it screams comfort!)

The walls in the room are interesting. We thought we were painting them light grey, but they actually came out very dark…and more on the side of blue. At first, I was very upset over this, especially because the room has no windows.

Stop! What? No windows. In a bedroom?

Yep…I forgot to mention one of the coolest parts of the room. Back when the entire building was a barn, the bedroom area was actually horse stalls! This is another very unique thing about this space.

Anyway, the dark walls seemed scary at first, but with the natural wood and white bedding it actually worked perfectly.

After trying a couple different rugs, we finally found a beige shaggy one that went perfectly…and ended up with a nice storage shed of others that didn’t make the cut. Rug yard sale, anyone?

We hung some sheer curtains and added candles to add to the relaxing feel, and create a spa-like atmosphere. We also put in a gold-toned overhead light that matched the bed lanterns.

To complete the space we added an electric fireplace. This makes the room seem very warm and cozy. It was a perfect addition!

The room contains no pictures on the walls, no paintings or mirrors, and no furniture besides the bed and a simple chair. If you read our previous blog post, you know that we built a “room-closet” (I possibly invented that term), so we have no dressers or cabinets in the bedroom area. The adjacent “room-closet” also allowed us to tear down the existing closet in the bedroom, giving us significantly more space.

The lack of decor and furniture may seem boring, but that is the point. It’s comfortable, cozy, peaceful and warm. To me it’s the perfect space to curl up, and relax.

And, watch a movie. Yes, some things aren’t negotiable. We didn’t give up the TV…

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