How our closet created a master suite…

I’m one of the very few people out there who actually has a dream closet. You know, like the “ones in the movies.” It’s kind of funny, because I’m far from a fashionista. My wardrobe mostly consists of leggings, sundresses and hand-me-downs. I am however, married to a very skilled carpenter.

Nick built me a closet in Florida. It was very large, and had plenty of storage. Let me repeat that: PLENTY of storage…I never realized just how much storage until it came time to pack it all up.

They say, the more space you have, the more stuff you save. It’s true.

We got rid of so much in Florida, before packing up, but there was still so much stuff! What were we going to do? We were moving to a house with very very normal sized closets.

Look closely, there are two U-hauls there…

We always loved the idea of having a large master bedroom suite. The Farmhouse didn’t have one, and it was the closet that helped us see how we could create one.

When we first moved into the house, we tried using different closets. I used the spare room, and Nick was using one of the guest houses. We are lucky enough to have three separate guest areas, so the spare bedroom, as a bedroom, was not necessary. This was where our “master suite” idea was born. The small spare bedroom was located beside the master bedroom, with a small hallway and master bathroom between them. “We should make this whole room our closet” I said to Nick.

He loved the idea! And thus, our “master suite” and perfect closet was born.

Nick completely designed the space. He spent hours researching room-styled closet ideas, and finally came up with the perfect plan.

The closet outlines the entire perimeter of the room. Two of the walls have double rows for hanging clothes, and the other walls have shelves for shoes and a mirror for, well, getting dressed (although I usually don’t match).

The walls of the closet are made out of cabinet-grade plywood. We added a trim to give it the finished wood look.

There’s an area for my many sundresses, or as Nick calls them “mu-mus.”

You will notice how nice Nick’s side looks. He stole every single white hanger that we own. I’m not sure what would possess someone to obsess over hangers, but at the same time I’m a bit jealous over how perfect his side looks .

Hangers aside, the room looks beautiful. The closet really defines this space as the master suite. The suite gives our bedroom area an entire wing of the house: containing the closet, bathroom (previously blogged about), and bedroom (soon to be blogged about, stay tuned…) I could not have imagined a more perfect and luxurious bedroom suite. It’s hard to imagine that before the house was added, this area was part of the barn. Our suite was actually horse stalls many years ago!

The closet entrance from the master suite hallway.

The large closet space allowed us to minimize the furniture needed around our bed (dressers, cabinets, etc…) We were able to put a dresser right in the middle of the closet. We found the dresser at a local thrift store for only $60. It’s the perfect size and fits all the non-hanging things like shorts and pajamas (aka my favorites).

The $60 dresser was a major steal, but the biggest bargain of all is the light. We found it, all alone, at Lowes. It was the floor display for a discontinued model. They were ready to take it down when we asked the guy if it was still for sale. He explained the situation to us, but offered it to us for….$5!

It was the perfect finishing touch for a celebrity-style closet…that housed T-shirt’s, leggings…and mu-mus.

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