Our Master Bathroom

When we first walked into the master bathroom, our eyes lit up with excitement. Yes, it looked like something straight out of 1985; with dated wallpaper, gold fixtures, oak cabinets, and a shower curtain that looked like a bridesmaid’s dress. But, it was also one thing that we never had in Florida…it was BIG! It was really big. Almost in unison, Nick and I said “double vanities!”

We spent the next couple of months laying out how we wanted to redesign this space. We wanted to give it an upscale look, while still keeping a rustic farmhouse style. We decided to go with white dresser-style vanities that we purchased from Home Depot. To give the vanities an upscale look, we went with a faux marble countertop and square vessel sinks.

The wallpaper had to go, but who wants to remove wallpaper? Not us! Covering the wallpaper with shiplap was the perfect solution. Nick had always wanted to do it and this was the perfect occasion (the wallpaper is living out its days peacefully resting underneath, in case you are very concerned).

This project did encounter a hiccup though. Nick successfully redid all of the plumbing before we installed the shiplap. He did a very impressive job. Everything went smoothly…too smoothly.

It was around 4pm, and Nick was hammering the last nail into the shiplap when pssssssssh! He hit a pipe. We spent the next eight hours without water, trying everything to fix and reconnect the pipes. Finally, after hours of staring at the metal and plastic piping contraption I noticed something. “Maybe the plastic connectors need to only connect to plastic, and the metal connectors to metal?” I asked.

Well, guess what? That would be correct! I’d say they really should put directions on those things, but then again, you really should be a plumber to be using them. Regardless, our problem was fixed and the water was flowing again (through the pipes, not onto the floor).

Speaking of the floor, we replaced the ivory tile with wood tile and purchased some super soft throw rugs. We replaced the toilet and redid the lighting. The toilet was easy, the lights were not. These little devils looked so cute, but looks can be deceiving. This was a full day project!

It was all worth it though. The bathroom came out beautiful and our hard work truly paid off. We couldn’t decide on towels, but after hanging the pictures of our dogs, black and white seemed like the perfect fit.

And you know what, Nick still uses my vanity.

3 responses to “Our Master Bathroom”

  1. I loved reading this and seeing pictures of your progress, how exciting this must be for you guys. Can’t wait for your next project. Move over Joanna and Chip, Nick and Laura are on the way!

  2. Beautiful! What a glamorous yet a little rustic bathroom! Great job. My favorite! I need to do my bathroom so badly!

  3. Looks beautiful! You both did a great job.

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